Karen Koren: ’Tis the season to be stressed

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CHRISTMAS is coming too fast for my liking. I just don’t have the time or the money to get everybody what I would like to get them. Either that or I don’t have the imagination to find what I think they might want.

Obviously, the children come first - grandchildren first, then the older ones. Then it’s the family who spend Christmas with us. Then there are friends, the ones you want to show you appreciate and, of course, the staff you also appreciate. Add to that list the family you only see once a year.

What does one get all these people? The pressure can get too much.

Then there is the even greater pressure of sending Christmas cards. I have a pile lying on my desk waiting to be signed.

The hardest bit is remembering the names of people’s children - believe me, when you see ‘to so and so and the kids,’ you know they’ve forgotten your children’s names.

That said, if they sign their card to you ‘from so and so and the kids,’ chances are they have forgotten too. Only joking.

As well as allowing you to keep in touch with those you don’t see the rest of the year, sending Christmas cards is a good PR exercise.

It might take a while, but when the card arrives they will appreciate them... won’t they?

In this age of social networking, probably not. However, we are a nation of traditionalists and at Christmas, tradition prevails. Just wish I had a little more time, money and imagination, though.

I haven’t even thought about putting my Christmas tree up yet, nor any decorations.

The family I am not spending Christmas with are coming for a drinks party on Saturday and I know they’ll be disappointed if I don’t have the tree up.

Yes the pressure can be too much, but once it’s done and you are drinking, eating and laughing with your family, seeing the happiness on the children’s faces, it makes it all worthwhile. Doesn’t it?