Karen Koren: Why panic when shops never shut?

Dylan Moran. Picture: Getty
Dylan Moran. Picture: Getty
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HOORAY! Finished my Christmas shopping. Well I think I have or, should I say, I hope I have.

I am now under the illusion that I can relax and look forward to a peaceful family Christmas. I think I have all the presents bought and wrapped for the family, then I remember the friends that I have not considered. Like the one particular friend who has the Scrooge approach to Christmas. I always buy him lots of little things so he has something to open on Christmas Day, something that will make him laugh. I hate the thought of him feeling lonely at Christmas as it is a family time and if you have no family, it is very easy to not make the most of the day. So I still have to sort his presents, otherwise I have done all the shopping.

I never understand why there is so much panic buying just before Christmas. The supermarkets have queues for vegetables for heaven’s sake. The shops are only going to be shut for one day, on Boxing Day there will be the queues for the sales, as if there has not been enough spending. It is an expensive time with present-buying and looking for bargains.

What I would like to see is that we sell all the tickets for our new show at the Festival Theatre Studio, which is on January 10, a good Christmas present.

The brilliant Dylan Moran will start the season off. He will be trying out his material for his upcoming tour in the spring. Also performing will be Geordie comedian Kai Humphries, Larry Dean and compere Raymond Mearns.

This is the start of a monthly comedy club at the Festival Theatre Studio which is on the first Saturday of every month. So please buy tickets as Christmas presents – it saves on going out to the shop as you can buy online at gildedballoon.co.uk or at the Festival Theatre Box Office.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and that you receive all you wish for.

Happy New Year and eat, drink and be very merry!