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James Veitch. Pic: Comp
James Veitch. Pic: Comp
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SECOND week in Norway and the weather has been glorious. Of course it couldn’t last and has now turned grey and drizzly.

No matter, it means that I can catch up on my writing and correspondence. No one writes letters anymore, which I think is a terrible shame. It is great to receive letters.

Something happened the other day which made me want to write a letter. I was taking things out the boot of my brother’s car when I found a hand-written letter. The letter was addressed to me and on reading it I found it was written more than ten years ago by a man who lives in Stockton on Tees.

He had read an article in Scotland on Sunday and written to me care of the newspaper. Not sure when they sent it on to me or how it wound up in the boot of my brother’s car, but there it was.

The letter was from a Mr Douglas L Beaton, who had lived many years in Norway and was friendly with Norwegians who had a summer cottage close to mine.

He wrote that he remembered meeting Mr and Mrs Koren in the late 1940s while on a visit to his friend. He continued, recounting the history of his Norwegian friends and stories from the war - really interesting. He also said that he was about to be 82, so he will be over 90 now.

I wrote back immediately and tried to explain why it had taken so long to get back to him, also giving him an update on my family history. I do hope he gets the letter and that he is happy that I did actually reply in the end.

In these days of Facebook and Twitter, it is very unlikely that people exchange any more than passing comments to each other. Sad the art of letter writing has died with technology.

On that note you should check out one of my wee gems coming to the Festival this year. James Veitch: The Fundamental Interconnectedness of everyone with an Internet Connection! It’s about replying to scam emails – very funny.