Let cameras roll for trip through city’s film past

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TO mark the end of another year in the Capital, the Filmhouse hosts Let’s Play Film, a homage to Edinburgh as the inspirational city behind some of the UK cinema’s most beloved films.

Over three days there will be the opportunity to see five special screenings that all have Edinburgh at their heart, including Trainspotting, One Day, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and The Battle of the Sexes.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (U)

Oscar-winning classic from Ronald Neame in 1969. Set in a private school in 1930s Edinburgh where Maggie Smith’s headstrong young teacher ignores the curriculum and influences her impressionable 12-year-old charges with her over-romanticised world view.

Tomorrow 3.45pm, Sunday 6.30pm

One Day (12A)

LONE Scherfig’s 2011 movie. After one night together (July 15, 1988), the day they both graduate from Edinburgh University, Emma and Dexter begin a friendship that will last a lifetime. She is a working-class girl of principle and ambition who dreams of making the world a better place. He is a wealthy charmer who dreams that the world will be his playground. Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

Tomorrow 1.20pm, Saturday 6.30pm

The Battle of the Sexes (U)

IT’S back to 1959 for Charles Crichton’s delightful Ealing-style comedy set in Edinburgh. Mr Martin (Peter Sellers) works as an accountant for a textile company owned by Mr Macpherson (Robert Morley). A quiet and nervous man, he keeps himself to himself and wishes to be left alone. But then Angela Barrows (Constance Cummings), an American efficiency expert, arrives to evaluate his performance.

Tomorrow 6.30pm, Saturday 3.45pm

The 39 Steps (U)

ALFRED Hitchcock’s “ripping good yarn” from 1935 finds Richard Hannay fleeing from London in pursuit of a spy ring, responsible for leaving a murdered woman in his flat. The police inevitably take him for the murderer, and the spies are after him too. Great fun. Not really an Edinburgh film but the inclusion of the iconic Forth Bridge scrapes it into the season.

Tomorrow 8.45pm, Saturday 1.30pm

Trainspotting (18)

INFAMOUS Edinburgh. That’s the depiction Danny Boyle paints of the city in his 1996 trip into the Capital’s drug-fuelled underbelly. A shocking, painfully subjective trawl through the Edinburgh heroin culture of the 1980s based on Irvine Welsh’s cult novel.

Saturday 7pm, Sunday 1.30pm

Edinburgh from the Archives

A PROGRAMME of short archive films of Edinburgh as you’ve never seen it before.

Sunday 4pm

Filmhouse, Lothian Road, for tickets and prices call 0131-228 2688