Liam Rudden: Day I met Christopher Lee in Edinburgh

Christopher Lee pictured in Dalmahoy, 1975. Picture: TSPL
Christopher Lee pictured in Dalmahoy, 1975. Picture: TSPL
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Entertainments Editor Liam Rudden recalls meeting the great Sir Christopher Lee at a Post Office in Frederick Street.

MANY years ago, working part time in a Post Office to boost my freelance income, I met Christopher Lee.

Head down, on automatic pilot, I didn’t even look up as I called, “Next please...”

As I registered the shadow that was the next customer approach, it wasn’t until he spoke that I looked up.

“I would like two first class stamps,” he boomed...quietly, if such a thing is possible.

Instantly recognising the voice - it was Dracula - I looked up, and up. He was tall, disguised by a beard.

Our eyes met and he gave me a look. There was a twinkle in his eyes that said, “Yes, it really is me, but let’s keep that between ourselves.”

He was charming and as he left the office I watched as he held the door open for a little old lady.

She turned and said “Thank you son!”

He boomed “You’re most welcome” and in that second she too recognised the voice of Dracula! She did a double take and almost ran to her place in the queue.

Christopher Lee grinned and left.

Gone at 93. I’m not liking today very much.