Liam Rudden: Decent PR is a blessed release

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JULY, the time of year my inbox dreads the most - or would if it were capable of such a thing.

This is the month that it gets hammered with press release after press release, all extolling the virtues of either a show or a particular performer coming to the Fringe.

Of course, each comes with a string of superlatives; after all, it is promoting the best/most exciting/most innovative* (*delete as applicable) show in town.

It’s a real slog trawling through them all. Some are so badly written that, to be honest, they damn any hope the prod-uction might have had of being reviewed.

The problem is simple, many younger companies (usually the ones who start their release with a declaration that they are going to change the face of theatre forever - unfortunate as everything has been done before, at some point) there is simply no budget to bring in a professional PR company, and so there are many howlers.

I’ll be tweeting the best using the hashtag #edcringe.

One thing that does shine through, however, is their enthusiasm, their delight at being part of the world’s biggest arts festival. That’s something of which we should all be proud.

It’s easy to forget just how big a thing it is for many of the companies ‘coming to Edinburgh’ for the first time. They see it as a great achievement, and in many ways it is.

The same cannot be said for some of the ‘professional’ PRs who, quite simply, don’t have a clue,. Usually they are caught out by the sheer scale of the event, many seemingly unaware of just how many other productions they are up against.

Personally, I look out for the more quirky releases that catch my eye in the first couple of lines - there have been a few already.

In fact, more than a few, so despite the ones that have my finger stabbing the delete key almost instantly, I predict that 2014 is going to be one of the Fringe’s best years for a while.