Liam Rudden: Ice work, and you should get it

Blackpool ice show
Blackpool ice show
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AT one point, flames leapt from the glistening ice, reflecting in the polished silver blades of the skaters’ boots. A spectacular sight.

The name may be a contradiction, but for generations now The Hot Show at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach has dazzled holidaymakers, day-trippers and locals alike with awe-inspiring displays of precision skating, breathtaking stunts and graceful ice dancing.

This year’s show, Desire, invites audiences to ‘stimulate their senses as they fix their eyes onto a cast of the world’s finest ice skaters.’

‘Fiery, fuelled performers and dazzling, sparkling silhouettes serenade the ice,’ the press blurb promises. Hot Ice is certainly a thrilling night out.

Produced by Stageworks Worldwide Productions, Desire, staged in the historic Ice Arena, which celebrates its 80th birthday next year, is an annual highlight for ice skating fans and, over the years, has built up a massive following.

It can be argued TV shows such as Dancing On Ice added to the attraction, rekindling interest in an art form often overlooked. Some of those TV favourites have since graced the Blackpool company, alongside an international cast of Olympic, European and world champion skaters.

In truth, when executed properly, a good ice show is as graceful and entrancing as any ballet. Indeed, with more skaters on the ice at any one time than ever before, Stageworks President Amanda Thompson, confided her vision of producing a ‘ballet on ice’.

With elements of cabaret and circus - watch out for the guy on silks, a pole and in a bath - as well, Hot Ice is now the longest running and most famous ice show in history. It’s easy to see why. So if you’re heading to Blackpool, you could worse than to take in a performance.

Book online at www.blackpool or call the box office on 0871 222 9090