Liam Rudden: Me, forget! You can put your shirt on it . . .

Sean Connery. Picture: Toby Williams
Sean Connery. Picture: Toby Williams
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NO matter how well planned, no matter how many lists have been ticked, there’s always something that slips through the net. Something that gets forgotten.

Last week, waiting for the curtain to rise on the first performance of Taggart creator Glenn Chandler’s Killers, it was three shirts we found we had over-looked.

Three shirts that had been there during the show’s run in Brighton earlier in the year and, indeed, that are probably still in Brighton now.

Thank heavens for manager Peter Chesney and assistant manager Sandy Bisset at Slaters Menswear, on George Street.

Which is why, with five minutes to go until the audience were allowed in, and just 15 before the show itself was due to start, I found myself hareing out of the Assembly Rooms, phone clamped to my ear, simultaneously trying to run through the crowds and explain to Peter what had happened.

Luckily, he had an answer - three ex-display shirts that were, thankfully, surplus to requirement.

Less than five minutes later they were hanging on the back of a chair on the stage where, to be honest, they should have been all through the tech and dress the previous day. Nobody noticed - we all just became used to the actor concerned miming the shirts - experimental theatre indeed.

Of course, Slaters are used to dealing with theatre types. Slap bang in the middle of the Fringe they even boast their very own wall of fame, featuring the stars who have bought suits there, including Sean Connery. I’ve often thought they should mount a special exhibition during the Festival, they could call it Slaters To The Rescue.