Liam Rudden: Quick, while there’s still time

Liam Rudden
Liam Rudden
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HIGHLIGHTS. I’ve had a few this Fringe, but can’t say I’ll not be glad to see the back of it. Fringed out, that’s what I am. Three weeks of theatrical madness is enough for anyone.

Memories I’ll take away from August 2012 include trying to make time to review a show a day.

It’s ten years since I last reviewed, and I’d forgotten how much fun it can be when you stumble on a show that deserves to be seen by a wider audience but looses out due to lack of advertising budget.

Equally I’ve been reminded how soul-destroying it can be when you suddenly realise you have to sit through something so awful it should carry a health warning.

You never get that time back, even if it is just an hour.

Anyway, with just five days to go until the whole circus packs up for another year here, in no particular order, are my top five shows of 2012. Try to get along to see them if you can.

Tubular Bells For Two - two Aussie musicians, a bank of keyboards and a stage littered with instruments recreate Mike Oldfield’s seminal work, live on stage. Breathtaking, it runs at Assembly George Square, until Monday.

Pierrepoint - The Hangman’s Tale - ends tomorrow, so you need to be quick. At Sweet on the Grassmarket. Martin Oldfield gives a chilling, but brilliant portrayal of Britain’s most famous state executioner.

Mrs Barbara Nice - Fun Smugglin’ - If Janice Connolly’s lovable creation doesn’t have you rediscovering the fun side of life, nothing can. At Assembly Rooms on George Street, until Saturday.

Killing Time - this entrancing double-hander (almost) is a must- see if you like strong writing. Give it a whirl - 11am at the Bedlam, until Saturday.

Finally Dracula - Sex, Sucking and Stardom is a hilarious romp through Bram Stoker’s Gothic tale, delivered by three very talented performers. At Paradise In The Vault, until Monday.