Liam Rudden: Robin of Sherwood returns

Robin of Sherwood
Robin of Sherwood
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HE was known as The Hooded Man and from the first strains of Clannad’s haunting theme tune, I was hooked.

Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood ran on ITV for three series between 1984-86, first with Michael Praed, currently appearing at The Playhouse in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, in the title role, and then with Jason Connery, son of the Capital’s most famous son, Sir Sean.

Now the 1980s TV classic is to make a long overdue comeback, reuniting the original cast with Connery’s hero.

The one-off audio adventure entitled The Knights of the Apocalypse is scheduled for release next year, three decades after the last TV episode was broadcast, and the exciting news for fans is the adventure was written by the show’s creator himself.

Carpenter died in 2012 and all profits from the feature-length story, which will be produced by Bafflegab Productions, are to go to charity.

Jason Connery says, “My time in Sherwood was spent working with wonderful actors who became lifelong friends, and behind it all was Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter’s brilliant writing.

“After many false dawns, I can finally say that Robin of Sherwood is coming back. And so am I.

“The Hooded Man is ready to face the evil machinations of the Sheriff of Nottingham again, surrounded by my wonderful band of Merries.

“We may be a little older and wiser in real life but, on audio, we’re forever young and golden-haired.”

Robin of Sherwood fans can help bring the story to life by donating towards production costs through crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.

Producer Simon Barnard says, “By contributing to our Indiegogo campaign, you’ll have access to a little piece of Robin of Sherwood history: signed artwork and scripts, a limited edition box set,and specially made Knights of the Apocalypse merchandise.”

To be a part of The Knights of the Apocalypse visit