Liam Rudden: So that’s what stars are really like

Liam Rudden and Paul Michael Glaser. Pic: Comp
Liam Rudden and Paul Michael Glaser. Pic: Comp
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IN this job you’re asked one question more than any other: What were they like? They, referring to the many interviewees who cross your path over the course of a year.

Well, to be honest, most are a delight. But not all. Fame or celebrity, today’s buzz word, is deceptive. Preconceptions are easy to form - just try watching Big Brother, painful as that might be.

Over the years, I have seen friends go weak at the knees when introduced to their heroes. Others became dumbstruck, unable to even mutter a hello to their idol. Some, reverted from being a grown adult to a 12-year-old kid again, when faced with a childhood infatuation.

Luckily, I’ve never been star struck. Can’t afford to be in this job. Somewhere along the way I worked out that actors, like everyone else, are just people doing a job. And, as in all walks of life, some do it better than others... and some have bigger egos than others.

So in answer to the much asked question, most ‘celebs’ are pretty down-to-earth. Take Barry Humphries, for example.

Big and brash as Dame Edna Everage, he’s chatty and without airs and graces when the wig and costume come off.

Paul Michael Glaser, Starsky of Starsky and Hutch

fame, is another name I met recently (pictured). Laid-back and chatty, you could easily pass him in the street without realising you’d just walked by one of the biggest stars in the world back in the 1970s.

The one thing I have noticed, however, is, that as a rule of thumb, the more talented an actor, the less trouble they prove to be.

It works the other way too. The least talented tend to be the biggest divas, throwing attention seeking strops willy-nilly. Remind me to tell you about my encounter with a certain Dame of the realm one day...