Local Buzz: Thank You So Nice, Plastic Animals

Thank You So Nice'Edinburgh band
Thank You So Nice'Edinburgh band
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“WE approach ‘indie music’ from a different perspective and are not just another indie band,” explains Thank You So Nice drummer Gary Grobler.

Guitarist Alex Hendrikson agrees: “We’re here to make interesting music that excites us and hopefully some others.”

Plastic Animals

Plastic Animals

So far so good, but what about the band name? “It came from playing unhealthy amounts of Super Mario Brothers,” explains bassist Michael Féaux De La Croix.

“At the end of a level,” continues bassist Rea Cris,“Mario flips off the flagpole, does a pirouette then says [Thank You So Nice].

“It was my suggestion, although I think the acronym TYSN might work better for us if Nintendo demands royalties.”

The quirky quartet, who make intelligent and melodic pop, share a busy bill at Henry’s Cellar Bar tomorrow with Margeaux, Jen & The Gents and Skinny Rhino.

Henry’s Cellar Bar, Morrison Street, tomorrow, 7pm, £3, www.theraft.org.uk


‘Lazy musicians since 2006’. So reads the bio on the Edinburgh band’s website. ‘Haven’t done much since’, it goes on, ‘a couple of EPs here and there to no reaction at all’.

It’s true to say Plastic Animals have had long periods of inactivity since they formed, but the last 12 months have seen something of an awakening, with more gigs and releases than ever before.

On Sunday the band play launch new EP Automation at Henry’s Cellar Bar, where they will be joined by Honeyblood and The Spook School.

Henry’s Cellar Bar, Morrison Street, Sunday, 7pm, £5, www.theraft.org.uk