Lynne McCrossan: Dogged by my own inability to keep track of the time

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Lately it feels like life is whooshing by in dog years.

A sign of growing older, according to my mother. A fact I’ve made peace with, although I’m not quiet there yet with the fine lines etching their way across my 20-something face.

The thing I can’t get my head around is time. I’ve always had an issue with clocks, it took me forever to master telling the time as a kid and I’ve spent the majority of my adulthood running fashionably late for things.

I usually start sentences when referencing the past by saying “remember a couple of months ago” only to be informed said scenario occurred several years prior.

So when I caught a snippet of The Apprentice last week a memory resurfaced when I heard a Scottish voice amongst the contestants.

Rewinding the telly there stood Laura Hogg. A girl I met while presenting a project called The Hirer with Fake Bake. She was one of seven finalists battling for a management job with the fake tan company.

She was beaten to the role by an amazing gal called Victoria, but was offered a position under her.

I got all excited and turned to the Belfast boy to tell him of my Hogg connection: “Remember when I did that Hirer thing a few months back? Laura was one of the girls.” “Love that was in 2008.”

Dog years, I’m telling you.


Today’s insider tip is one for the guys. Previews for autumn/winter have been taking place and this season is all about the three-piece suit. Jaeger in particular has gone big with dressing the boys all dapper introducing a beautiful tweed-inspired suit. Very Don Draper in Mad Men.

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