Lynne McCrossan: Don’t plough a clone furrow in style stakes

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THE nation has had a right rollicking from fashion royalty this week. Dame Vivienne Westwood’s comments that we’ve never looked so ugly have appeared to create a class debate.

The flame-haired pensioner got passionate discussing the dangers of disposable fashion and criticised our current consumer-crazed culture which has left us resembling clones.

The age-old debate that poor people have to shop in Primark raised its ugly head and, frankly, made me gag. Just because something costs very little doesn’t mean it should end up in the bin.

This was the essence of her point. If you callously consume, you don’t care for your clothes.

This conveyer belt of clobber is much more costly than investment buying key pieces.

That doesn’t mean spending large sums of money. It can be the length of time you hold on to something.

In doing so, you develop your own style, tackling the clone problem.

You only have to look around to see the strain of homogenised fashion. Jenners, once a fashion bastion, now looks like every other Frasers.

Considering fashion contributes £20 billion to our economy a year, maybe we should listen to our eccentric septuagenarian.

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