Lynne McCrossan: Glitz and ditz in countdown to big day

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OPERATION dip dye wedding dress commenced in Dalry this week. Popping the baby in his pushchair we power-walked the length of Princes Street in search of orange fabric dye.

And just when I thought my luck was out, the ancient wooden lift in Jenners pullied us to the fourth-floor haberdashery to collect our colour.

It had been an emotional day. The first half spent frantically filing dispensation paper with the registrars 13 days before the Belfast boy and I tie the knot.

The chorus of “how did you not know you had to fill out forms”, was only silenced by “eh, I’ve never been married before!”.

Anyway, back to The Dress. Dip dye in hand I headed to the only girl game enough to help me submerge a cream silk chiffon 1930s dress into a shade one up from Irn Bru.

Ms Carolyn Baxter emptied her plates out of the kitchen sink and we proceeded to plunge the antique fabric into fluorescent water.

Dunked for 15 seconds, my vintage gown came out looking like a peachy dream. All water marked and floaty, the frock finally looks like my wedding dress.

Let’s pray the powers that be at the registrars take pity on this ditzy blonde so that her wedding dress has not been dyed in vain.


Edinburgh is great for finding cool little independent designers and they don’t come much better than the pair I’m about to share. Ashley and Ian of Soda Kitsch, design and make the cutest contemporary handbags but with a bit of a vintage twist. From beautiful leather bowling bags to sweet school satchels, their work has a real unique spin on classically designed bags.

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