Lynne McCrossan: I knew that art Higher would come in handy

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Dissecting fashion is proving to be a bit of a headache.

Who knew that peeling back the many layers a designer has to consider when creating a line would end with more questions than answers?

On top of that I had no idea how expensive it actually is getting a collection together.

On average, a graduate spends £1000 to fund a handful of outfits, with many of them racking up much more than that.

A frightening figure considering there is no guarantee of commercial payback at the end of it.

I couldn’t quite understand how that was possible from the outside looking in.

Now my eyes are open.

Scoping around to see how much it would be to digitally print a pattern on a piece of fabric nearly had me falling over.

The jump off figure is £50 per metre of fabric. When you compare this with the cost of material in a high street haberdashery sitting around the £15 mark, it makes your eyes water.

So it is time to get savvy.

If I want to pop a bespoke pattern on to material then I’m going to have to get old school and do it myself.

Armed with a silk painting kit, one embroidery hoop and outliner pen, I’m praying that my higher art qualification will kick in.

Now that’s one outfit done, another 22 to go.

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