Lynne McCrossan: I’ve become a tomb raider in my search for design ideas

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Design inspiration finally arrived this week after a wonderful afternoon stroll in our fair city.

Feeling frustrated about continual non-starts on the drawing front I bundled the baby into his buggy to get some fresh air.

First stop was the National Museum of Scotland. Shamefully, I hadn’t been in since its refurbishment so both bubba and I were agog wandering around the wonderful exhibits.

Stepping into ancient Egypt was a hoot as I tried explaining mummies to a toddler. That loveable look like I’m off my head never gets old.

In the dark room I was struck by the amazing colours and symmetrical shapes. Gold became ever richer next to the most vibrant shades of lapis lazuli. Coral and peach was painted onto stone. And those iconic inky eyes added lovely linear lines.

With my fingers and nose firmly pressed against the Perspex casing, I drank in every artefact as if I was Howard Carter uncovering Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

The simplicity of the shift dresses and draping mixed with elaborate accessories bit me like a bug. That was it. My eureka moment.

It made total sense that this should be my catalyst for the collection challenge. The 1920s have always fascinated me clothing wise, and their inspiration relied so heavily on what was happening with the excavation of Egypt. I’d be a fool to fight that kind of serendipity.