Lynne McCrossan: The big appeal is getting lost in my time machine

Lynne McCrossan
Lynne McCrossan
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Sewing has seized slightly as the dressmaking challenge shifts seasonal gears.

The honest truth is it has been sidelined slightly as real life
demands attention.

There’s only so much stitching a girl can do with a one-year-old and grumpy puppy under her feet.

Since taking the challenge of learning to sew three months ago, I now know you need a bit of peace when pattern cutting. Try explaining that to a baby and a bulldog.

I’ve missed it. Something I never thought I’d hear myself say. The sewing machine gives you solitude. A little bit of “me” time back.

It forces a clear head, as one slip in concentration sees you back at the cutting board.

In all my years doing yoga I never fully understood how to clear your thought and focus solely on the task at hand.

I’d be downward facing dog and planning that evening’s dinner in my head.

The machine steals time. Before you know it, an afternoon has whizzed by and you’re left with a tremendous feeling of pride as you hold whatever you’ve made in hand.

I can hear the haberdashery at John Lewis lulling me in.

It’s time to tackle some autumn winter wear and get this dressmaking challenge back on track.