Lynne McCrossan: They will shop till they drop . . .from hunger

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Effie 22
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As the city limps sluggishly to the end of the month there are tell tale signs everywhere that payday can’t come quick enough.

The lunchtime sandwich run seems somewhat sparse, the quick cocktail after work has been curtailed, and the remorse across the faces of passers-by is clear as they chastise themselves for their Christmas excess.

But probably the cruellest card this five-week month can deal is to skint shopaholics.

For them there’s water, water everywhere – but not a drop to drink. As 50 per cent off signs are slashed to 75 per cent, you become privy to the oddest conversations as you walk past women holding garments they desperately want.

“I can go another couple of weeks eating beans on toast for dinner,” one says, the look of dedication as she gazes at a dress all too clear. It is more gripping than any teatime soap.

I too have fallen victim to the high street’s wicked ways, buying a wide-brim hat reduced from £25 to £6, only to remember minutes after the transaction that said hat is unwearable due to Auld Reekie winds, and that £6 could have been better spent.

But when there’s a shopping will – there’s a way.

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