Miriam Margolyes adds voice to classic comedy

Miriam Margolyes. Picture: Complimentary
Miriam Margolyes. Picture: Complimentary
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ARTHUR Dent is having a bad day. His planet has been demolished, he can’t find a decent cup of tea and he’s still wearing his dressing gown.

If those immortal lines mean anything to you, the chances are you’re a fan of Douglas Adams’ cult radio and TV series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy - it was also turned into a movie.

Tonight The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show - Live! returns to the Playhouse, for one night only, when you can join Simon Jones as Arthur Dent, and other members of the original cast as well as comedian Mitch Benn, as Zaphod Beeblebrox.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy originated as a radio series and one of its most unique elements was its narrator, The Voice Of The Book, who punctuated the action by reading out Hitchhiker’s Guide Entries in a friendly if slightly quizzical way.

Over the five Hitchhiker’s radio series the Voice was played first by the acerbic Peter Jones and then by the avuncular William Franklyn. Both these much-loved voices are sadly gone, and so for this new live radio version of the show, guest ‘Voices’ will join the original radio cast on stage to re-create Adams’ unique masterpiece.

This time around, the Voice will be played by Miriam Margolyes, best known as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, and the actress says she can’t wait.

“I’m delighted to be the Voice of The Book in The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. It’s the only sci-fi show I can bear and I’m particularly thrilled to be one of only two women to ever play the role.

“My great friend, Sue Sheridan has been Trillion in it from the start and it’s lovely to be working with her and Simon Jones, another old pal.

“Last August I had the joy of being a success on the Fringe; so returning to Edinburgh makes me terribly happy. What a city.’’

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show -Live!, The Playhouse, Greenside Place, tonight, 7.30pm, £19-£29.50, 0844-871 3014