Mr Viz fizzing over trams

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Comedians have had plenty of fun at their expense over the years – but it seems the trams are getting their revenge during this year’s Fringe.

Performers at venues near to the tram works have complained that building equipment is drowning them out during routines, that tourists are struggling to negotiate road closures, and that the normal Festival feel has been wrecked. The Stand comedy club has been among the worst affected, with the tram works beginning in York Place just in time for this year’s Festival.

Viz co-founder Simon Donald, who is performing his School Of Swearing show at the Stand, said the tram work in York Place had ruined the chances of passing trade.

And contractors then caused further problems earlier this week, when they began drilling with a pneumatic drill halfway through his show – which begins at 10.30pm.

Mr Donald said: “I’m a great believer in trams, good public transport is at the heart of any great city, but the council seem to have forgotten that the Fringe is at the heart of Edinburgh, and the crazy idea of starting tram works in the New Town in August is destroying our chances of passing trade.”

Geordie stand-up Donald added: “I’ve spent ten months putting my show together, I’ve got cameo contributions from some of the biggest names in entertainment, but I feel that some of the effort is just wasted because the normal Festival vibe around our venue has been throttled.”