My Festival: Linda Marlowe, star of Miss Havisham’s Expectations

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THE restaurants in Edinburgh are something I look forward to every year. I have always loved going for tapas and a cold beer or a nice glass of red at Cafe Andaluz on George Street.”

I had been going for years before I realised they sometimes have a conjurer that comes round to the tables and does some close-up magic.

I can’t wait to go this year and watch a professional at work as I’m performing magic in my own show for the first time – it is about Miss 
Havisham from Great Expectations. Charles Dickens had a love of conjuring.

“My treat when I am at the Festival is a cocktail on the roof terrace at Oloroso, or even a meal if I’m feeling flush.

• Miss Havisham’s 
Expectations, Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until August 27, 3pm,