Ocean Terminal axes Disney Christmas tunes after complaints

Goofy's song 'drove shoppers 'to distraction. Picture: Getty
Goofy's song 'drove shoppers 'to distraction. Picture: Getty
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SHOPPERS in a city mall have been driven up the wall by an innocent Disney Christmas song – with consumers rallying for an end to the merry jingle.

Goofy’s version of the Bing Crosby classic White Christmas featured on the album Now That’s What I Call Disney.

The song has the same words and tune as the Bing Crosby classic but is otherwise unrecognisable, with Goofy delivering the lines in his familiar drawl. The cheery tune tormented visitors for two full days at Ocean Terminal, before staff finally quietened the Disney dog’s ditty.

A source at the shopping mall said: “Customers came into our store and complained about how awful the Christmas music was. “It sounded old fashioned – it was just strange. A couple of customers actually came in and when they heard the music walked straight back out again – I think it was driving them away.”

The source added: “It was playing for two days. After complaints were made about the song, the shopping centre has now opted for a more cheerful option of songs.”

Martin Gray, from Leith, who uses the gym at Ocean Terminal frequently, told the News he had cowered at Goofy’s version of the Christmas classic.

He said: “I love Christmas albums – Dean Martin, Nat King Cole – but wandering through a deserted Ocean Terminal to PureGym before the shops opened, and hearing this weird voice mangling White Christmas was freaky.

“It was like something you’d hear in a horror film, before the killer clown jumps out at you. I was back there today and they were playing Mistletoe and Wine or something – bliss.

“Well, by comparison.”

Ocean Terminal did not wish to comment on their choice of Christmas songs.

Christmas songs have always divided opinion and it was no different on the streets of Edinburgh yesterday.

Ashley Barras, 18, an employee at BHS in the city, said she enjoys the sound of “happy” Christmas tunes. She said: “I love it when they play Christmas songs at work.

“It really puts me in the festive mood – especially when it’s the happy and cheerful classics.

“I don’t know how I’d feel about Disney music being played though.”

Shirley Robb, 34, who was shopping in the city centre with her friends, said she thinks Christmas music is often played too early in the year. She said: “I love Christmas music, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it, but I don’t think the music should be played any earlier than December.

“For a lot of people it isn’t the fact the songs are annoying – it just makes them panic at how close it actually is and how little time they have left to shop.”

Meanwhile, Sam Webber, 24, said he hates silly Christmas songs while shopping.

“My dad is from Germany so at this time of year we often listen to traditional German Christmas music,” Sam added. “I hate all of that cheesy stuff.”