On the Fringe: Jamie MacDonald

Jamie Macdonald. Pic: Comp
Jamie Macdonald. Pic: Comp
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JAMIE MacDonald is at home in the Capital these days. The stand-up, currently appearing at Assembly at George Square, approaches blindness the same way as he does life; with optimism, irony and filthy humour.

Here, Scotland’s hottest visually impaired stand-up comedian gives us an inkling of his world.

Describe yourself: I’m a 6ft 4in tall blind beast of a man who wouldn’t hurt a fly but I reckon I must have squashed a few by mistake. I was born in Glasgow but defected to Edinburgh via London in 2011. I fear I’m becoming ‘Easternised’ as the other day I caught myself saying ‘I ken’ instead of ‘I know’, a verbal snub to my Glasgow roots.

What do you do? I’m a gigging Stand-up comedian, copy writer and voice over artist. I’ve been a comedian for a relatively short time but before that I was a banker for the Bank of Scotland. My comedy style is informed by my blindness so it’s topical, anecdotal, ironic and fairly raucous.

Best thing about doing what you do? I’m basically paid to show off. love it when the audience are totally on board and enjoying the set. There is something really satisfying about a room full of people laughing at something you’ve written or said.

Worst moment ever: I suppose here I should be saying the steady loss of my eye-sight is the worst thing ever, but to be honest that’s such a part of my life now that I don’t really dwell on it. I’ve had some pretty horrific hangovers where I felt prize winningly rank. But let’s say it was last year I got chicken pox and my bottom was very painfully rashed.

Best Edinburgh memory: After my first Edinburgh Fringe show last year. I’d signed up for a midnight slot in a wee out-of-the-way Free Festival venue on the Royal Mile. Up until that first show I’d never done more than 10 minutes on the stage, and I had to entertain a crowd for 45minuites. Somehow I’d managed to get a decent crowd and the show went really well. I was probably the “smile-iest” lad in Edinburgh.

Train or plane? I can seriously screw up on both but it must be train as the consequences are less severe.

If you weren’t an entertainer what would you be? I really don’t know what I’d be. I used to be a corporate banker but was really not very good at my job. There is a strong chance that if I didn’t do comedy I’d still be in the financial sector working on the next credit crunch.

Who was the last text you received from? My flatmate Gill telling me about how her 5k on the running machine went. It seems her ankle held up and we are all very happy.

When was the last time you cried? I’m not much of a crier and honestly don’t ken, whoops, I mean know the last time I cried but tears did well up in my eyes a couple of weeks ago when my three-year-old niece lovingly head butted me right on the tip of the nose. A proper sare yin!

Are you on Twitter? Yes @FunnyBlindGuy

Sell your show in five words: Hilarious, fabulous, modest and humble.

Jamie MacDonald: That Funny Blind Guy 2: The Good, The Stag and The Ugly, Assembly, George Square Studio, 21.05pm, until 25 August, £7, 0131-226 0000