On the Fringe: Laverne Edmonds, actress

Laverne Edmonds Pic: Comp
Laverne Edmonds Pic: Comp
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LOCAL actress Laverne Edmonds is currently appearing in An Island Between Heaven And Earth, a play about the formation and early years of the Iona Community under the leadership of the Revd. George MacLeod.

Describe yourself: I am hard working, principled (to a fault), creative, practical, jocular and loyal.

What do you do? I’m an actor.

Best thing about doing what you do: Exploring the life of someone different to me is always interesting. I have always loved stories and acting brings other peoples stories to life whether they be fictional or real.

Worst moment ever (on stage): Easy. Standing in a full Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer costume on Canvey Island, Essex (never go!), in front of a workman’s club, with children throwing cans and sweets at me and the others cast members. The parents glowered at us from the bar.

Worst moment ever (off stage): Some I wouldn’t want in print... but Canvey Island was just as bad off stage.

Best Edinburgh memory: Lots. Portobello beach in the 70s with the outdoor pool; new year at the Tron; Goldbergs Santa (always a treat); and every time I visit Doctor Neil’s garden.

Plane or Train? Train, train, train, always. I’m a big fearty!

If you weren’t an entertainer, what would you be? I also work in speech and language therapy with special needs children and have a real interest in giving these youngsters a voice to aid them to communicate, so I think I would have gone down that road.

Who was the last text you received, from? My son’s football coach.

When was the last time you cried? Last Friday for real, and today on stage.

Are you on Twitter? - Yes I am. You can find me there on @laverne13

Sell your show in five words: Inspiring, faithful, honest, historical and warm.

An Island Between Heaven And Earth, St John’s Church, Princes Street, until 23 August (not 10/17), 1pm, £12, 0131-228 4249