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Soul Kitchen First Birthday @ The Third Door, Lothian Road, £5/£4, tomorrow,


NO one’s saying you need an excuse to party, but if you did, then Soul Kitchen’s first birthday night would be that excuse.

The Third Door (formerly Medina) has been bought over and refurbished, the basement venue getting a fresh new look and a spanking new sound system.

Perfect, then, for Kitchen staff Dale Lush and Isla Blige to serve up lashings of their favourite funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and R&B to hungry clubbers.

As Blige explains, the night was set up as an output for funky sounds in a chilled atmosphere. “It’s nothing too serious,” she says. “It’s meant to be about having a good time.

“Our guest DJs are all local, so it’s more personal - everyone can get to know them better.

“In the past year we’ve had some great nights, and that’s all thanks to the DJs and our crowd.

“DJs such as Master Caird, Babs Flow and The Blonde Flash have brought something special and everyone who comes along gets it,” she adds.

Tokyo Blu vocalist Jennifer Dryden, who recently warmed up for the Average White Band, explains why Soul Kitchen is so special to her, “The crowd is great and right up for a party,” she says. “The music policy is unlike any other night in Edinburgh - fun and funky, I love it.

“You can let go, dance like your dad and everyone’s up for it,” she continues. “No one who goes to Soul Kitchen takes themselves too seriously - and that’s what makes it such a fun vibe.”

If you fancy the icing on the soul cake, then tomorrow’s birthday bash sounds like the tastiest option on the clubbing menu.