Preview: Apphia Campbell came to Edinburgh and fell in love

Apphia Campbell
Apphia Campbell
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APPHIA Campbell came to the Fringe in 2014, fell in love and never went home.

Edinburgh 2014 was an amazing year for me.

I felt extremely blessed to be in an amazing venue, the Gilded Balloon, with my small team – a director and publicist. I was most grateful that my work was well received by audiences but while I loved all the ups and downs of the Fringe, I wasn’t sure I’d do it again... yet here I am with two shows this year.

Producing and performing at the Festival Fringe last year felt like the final exam for all the Shanghai hard knocks, producer classes and experiences that I’ve undertaken over the past four years.

It tested my skills of organisation, marketing, boldness, handling rejection, and on top of all of that I still had to perform an intense show everyday.

I found it exhilarating and challenging to beone minute be Apphia, the producer, worrying about numbers and reviews, then, 30 minutes later, performing Nina Simone hits with heart-wrenching feeling. As an artist, I had to remain focused on what was important to me and why I was doing this.

As a producer, I had to keep giving myself pep talks on the mornings when I felt extremely 
fatigued and when it was pouring with rain and I had to keep promoting the show; for every person who discarded a flier handed to them or turned the other way as I tried to engage them, it was all worth it when an audience member waited after the show to give me positive feedback.

The Fringe is the ultimate test for any performer who believes in their work because it is a Festival that can make you or break you (literally mentally and financially).

But I made good friends, found love and moved to Edinburgh... and here I am ready to do it all again.

Nina Simone: Soul Sessions, Assembly, Bristo Place, until August 30, 8.50pm, £12-£13.50, 0131-623 3030

Black is the Colour of My Voice, Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until August 31, 1.15pm, £8.50- £10.50, 0131-622 6552