Preview: Augustines, Liquid Room

Augustines. Pic: Comp
Augustines. Pic: Comp
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Augustines have been winning over crowds everywhere since the release of their 2011 debut, Rise Ye Sunken Ships – and the New York trio should have no problem repeating the trick when they bring their stadium-sized sound to the Liquid Room tomorrow night.

The band’s Springsteen-esque first album was a heartbreaker, dealing with the suicide of frontman Billy McCarthy’s schizophrenic brother, while their current self-titled record is a far more ambitious, and far more uplifting affair, with nods to U2, The Killers and Arcade Fire.

Co-produced by Peter Katis, (The National, Interpol) Augustines’ newbie marks a milestone on an amazing journey the band have been on these last few years.

“We found ourselves at a very interesting place,” singer-songwriter McCarthy says about the recording of the latest album. “The first record was obviously very personal. It was about cold, hard truth. Cold, hard fact.

“There was nothing I could do to help any of the characters in the songs last time. This time it’s absolutely about having the ability to help all the characters in the songs.

“There’s an empowerment to it,” he continues. “This one was wide open. I think that’s why it’s such a spacious and wide sounding album.

“We had just got off tour with [Glasgow-based band] Frightened Rabbit and we spent a lot of time learning about life. What Scotland’s about and learning about the UK, Europe and other countries.

“The more informed you get, the larger the horizon is. That’s why there is a lot of hope in the new record.”

And McCarthy says the band, who are now based in Seattle having relocated from the Big Apple, are looking forward to returning – as they love performing on this side of the pond.

“The Brits are really enthusiastic and vocal, whereas the Americans are at times a bit subdued... but yeah, we love the atmosphere and always seem to meet interesting people wherever we go.”

Augustines, Liquid Room, Victoria Street, tomorrow, 7pm, £12.50, 0131-225 2564