Preview: Danny McLouglin

Danny McLoghlin. Pic: Comp
Danny McLoghlin. Pic: Comp
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IT might be the fact he’s more of a man, like a proper man. The fact that his hands, arms, legs and neck are bigger.

The fact he grew up in ‘better’ times, because he climbed trees as a kid and went fishing and egging and he’s never wasted 12 hours looking at a pixelated hedgehog.

The fact he was captain of his school, city, district and county teams and the only player that compared to him was an England international.

The fact he never missed a penalty in a semi-inal because his “arse dropped out”.

The fact that he had his pick of the girls, went out, smashed his teeth in on his stag do and still married the girl of his dreams. Maybe it’s because he keeps ferrets, not soft toys. Maybe it’s because he han- built a kick ass ferret mansion from salvaged wood.

Or it could just be the fact that he didn’t have to live the first three decades of his life being told how much better his dad is. 30 years looking up whilst being crushed under the sheer legend of a man.

Or maybe it’s because he isn’t a professional show off, peddling himself by doing a show all about the above.

Danny McLouglin: Feels Alright, The Tron, Hunter Square, until 24 August, 6.20pm, free