Preview: Duke Dumont, Cabaret Voltaire

Duke Dumont, DJ. Pic: Comp
Duke Dumont, DJ. Pic: Comp
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Duke Dumont, the Grammy nominated producer and DJ best known for his brace of No.1 singles, I Need U (100%) and I Got U, drops into Cabaret Voltaire on Sunday night for a Bank Holiday special.

The Londoner, who has produced smash-hits for the likes of Lily Allen and Bat For Lashes, has been making dance music on the underground scene for years – but thanks to his two mega-selling singles, he’s been propelled to a whole new level.

“I’d say that at the moment, DJing for me has actually got easier,” he says. “The more successful you get, the easier DJing becomes, because people give you a little bit more time, a little bit more of a chance and there’s a bit more respect there because you’ve sold a certain number of records.

“When I was touring the world six years ago, I was just in a tent. Now I’ve learnt my craft and I’ve DJed anywhere from Tokyo to Sydney to America.”

Dumont, real name Adam Dyment, is now one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet – just the other day he was invited by supermodel Kate Moss to perform at her new Topshop launch in London – but life wasn’t always so glamorous.

“My first ever gigs were in bars around my local area,” he says. “I didn’t get paid a penny, only travel expenses.”

Duke Dumont, Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, Sunday, 10.30pm, £5, 0131-247 4704