Preview: Julius Caesar, Adam House Theatre,

The Grads perform Julius Caesar. Pic: Comp
The Grads perform Julius Caesar. Pic: Comp
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EVENING News Drama Award-winners The Grads return to the stage this week in Shakespeare’s classic Julius Caesar, which they have remastered for the modern day.

From tonight at the Adam House Theatre, Chambers Street, Caesar is in charge. Cassius, however, isn’t convinced. A plot is hatched. But when murder is committed to save the state, can justice ever be restored?

Caesar is on the brink of assuming absolute power and Cassius doesn’t like it. But as a relative outsider, knows that she can’t challenge the status quo alone.

Eager to seize control, she ropes Brutus into a plot to get rid of Caesar. But in the ensuing chaos, Mark Antony wins the hearts and minds of the people and it’s left to the strength of the opposing armies to win the day.

Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar in 1599, in an England in which Elizabeth I’s days were numbered but to speculate about the Queen’s future was considered treason.

Dusting down a well-known episode from the Roman Empire gave the debate free rein. But the story remains just as topical today.

This re-working of Shakespeare’s story speculates about the nature of power, of politics and principles versus personal charisma and the meaning of loyalty when the thing that counts most is survival.

Brought to life with a cast of 23 and an original live sound track created specially for the show, this is Julius Caesar as you have never seen it before.

Julius Caesar, Adam House Theatre, Chambers Street, until Saturday, 7.30pm, £10,