Preview: Lifeline

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NEW local theatre company Lifeline make their Leith Festival debut next Friday, at South Leith Parish Hall, Henderson Street, in the appropriately named Lifeline, an original play by Julian Wickham, which features a nine-strong international cast.

Set in modern day Edinburgh, it tells the story of lovable no-hoper Phil Roach. When his relationship with his girlfriend Sarah ends disastrously in a Leith café, his life is torn apart.

Fast approaching 30, Phil realises he has no friends and is alone in the city, with only a mundane nine to five job and a cynical, preoccupied yet lovable mother to turn to.

At his lowest ebb, Phil decides to post out 10,000 flyers across Scotland bearing his name and his telephone number with a simple message: ‘Are you Lonely? Call Phil Roach, day or night. Here to talk’.

Phil soon begins to receive calls from people of all walks of life, ranging from the hilarious and downright ridiculous to the sinister and the creepy. From kinky socialites to cheating housewives, teenage tearaways to down and outs, they all call and all share one thing in common - loneliness.

Wickham writes, “Lifeline is a highly entertaining portrayal of people from all areas of society facing difficulties in their own way. A black comedy, a tragedy, Lifeline is a story of love and compassion and the rediscovery of humanity in the sometimes barren far flung reaches of everyday life.”

Lifeline Theatre Company, a new Edinburgh-based company, aim to produce work with a strong focus on making theatre as realistic and accessible as possible.

Heightening the understanding that theatre is, itself, a lifeline for many people, from actors to audience members.

• Lifeline, South Leith Parish Hall, Henderson Street, 20-22 June, 8pm, £10,