Preview: Lloyd Cole, Queen’s Hall

Lloyd Cole. Picture: Comp
Lloyd Cole. Picture: Comp
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SINGER-songwriter Lloyd Cole – who shot to fame in the Eighties with Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – admits he was “a pretty cantankerous young man” back in the day.

Now 53, he seems to have mellowed. Perhaps that’s because things are going so well for him right now.

His most recent album, Standards, was widely praised in the music press, and he’s been more active than ever lately.

“I got on Later... With Jools Holland after 25 years of asking, so that was great,” he says, speaking ahead of his visit to the Queen’s Hall tomorrow night. “I felt like I was the only person who’d never been on the show, but the more I speak to friends who are musicians the more I realise that’s not the case.

“I thought it was just me, so at least I don’t feel like I’ve been singled out,” he adds.

Standards was hailed as a return to form for the singer, but he’s rarely had bad reviews throughout his career.

“I’d rather a good review than a not good review, but people tend to forget my albums are generally well-reviewed,” he agrees.

“Where they used to get lovely little reviews, though, Standards got lovely bigger reviews.

“It’s great that the album has given me some traction, got me on TV after a long time, so it’s all good, but I’m not about to disown my other albums that didn’t get the same sort of attention.”

Indeed, this year marks 30 years since the release of his classic album Rattlesnake, and Cole still loves playing the oldies from across his 12 album back catalogue.

“Singing these songs makes me feel like the guy I was in my late twenties,” he says. “Only when I look in the mirror or run upstairs do I realise my actual age.”

He still enjoys touring, but he admits that he gets “cabin fever” when he’s on the road.

“You could assemble the most wonderful group of musicians in the world and I would still get cabin fever after a week, the same as I always did.”

• Lloyd Cole, Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, Saturday, 7pm, £20, 0131-668 2019