Preview: The Bruce In Ireland

The Bruce In Ireland stars Gerry Kiety as the Edward Bruce
The Bruce In Ireland stars Gerry Kiety as the Edward Bruce
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BLACK Dingo productions bring a new fictional play based on the Bruce’s ill-starred Irish intervention to Assembly Roxy, this week.

A three-year military campaign led by Edward Bruce, brother of Robert the Bruce, the Bruce Campaign lasted from 1315 to 1318.

After victory at the Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce decided to escalate his war against the English by sending an army under the command of his younger brother to invade Ireland.

Written by Ben Blow and directed by Kolburn Bjort Sigfusdottir, The Bruce In Ireland stars Gerry Kiety as Edward Bruce.

Flushed with success after Bannockburn, the Bruces seek to carry on the war against the English as ambition as much as military necessity draws the armies of Scotland to Ireland.

But is this liberation or conquest?

As famine bites and decisive victory proves elusive, Edward Bruce reigns bloodily as Ri Erenn, High King of Ireland.

“Being a wee brother myself, I was instantly drawn to the story of Edward attempting to outdo his famous big brother. All the better how horribly wrong it goes,” says Kielty.

“All the characters have their own little obsessions and as a history buff I really loved how real that felt.

“Once Edward is on his own you see how war twists him and those around him.”

It a role very different to the last Prince Kielty played, Prince Jack of Tantallon Castle in panto at the Brunton.

“I don’t have to wear a sky blue kilt this time,” he laughs, adding, “but it’s great fun to play someone on Edward’s journey.

“It’s pretty epic, but strikingly bleak, with gallows humour and best of all, some truly visceral bits that I think may prove hard to watch, yet harder to look away.”

The cast is completed by Kirsty Eila McIntyre, Phillip Rainford, Chris Allen, Matthew Jebb and Douglas Garry.

The Bruce In Ireland, Assembly Roxy, Monday- Thursday, 8pm,