Preview: The Hunted, Brunton Theatre

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THERE’S more than a touch of Little Red Riding Hood to Visible Fiction’s latest production, The Hunted.

A lone girl dares to be something nobody has been, in a place nobody dares to go. The path is long, there will be trouble ahead and there are things out to get her. Take a deep breath, step into the unknown, and be prepared for your world to turn upside down.

Loosely based on the famous fairytale, The Hunted tackles themes of love, deception, risk and vengeance. Full of twists and turns, shifts and surprising moments, a foray into the woods morphs into something far more sinister.

Written by J C Marshall and directed by Douglas Irvine, the production stars Billy Mack.

The Hunted, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Saturday, 7.30pm, £11.25, 0131-665 2240