Preview: The Tempest

The Tempest. Picture: comp
The Tempest. Picture: comp
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EDINBURGH University Shakespeare Company present one of the Bard’s most popular plays, The Tempest, at the Pleasance Theatre, this week.

Formed five years ago, the company is made up of a talented pool of student actors, directors, designers and producers, all committed to the production of one large scale Shakespeare play a year.

Their high-energy production of The Tempest blends realist comedy with a disturbing dark undertones, and is set in the raw, modern world of an abandoned oil rig.

Director Jack Kinross says, “The Tempest is a hard play to pin down, neither wholly tragedy or comedy. Rather it occupies a space in between, and for this reason is one of the most exciting Shakespearean works to watch. From slapstick comedy to heartfelt pathos, the plot is at once a fantastical drama, an epic tale of revenge, and a touching and funny love story.

“I was inspired by this and wanted to put on a show that was first and foremost a night of exciting and engaging entertainment – something I think is sometimes lost from some modern productions.

“Shakespeare’s plays were originally written to entertain the masses in London at raucous open air theatres. With this production I wanted to regain some of that anarchic and attention grabbing feel.”

• The Tempest, Pleasance Theatre, Pleasance, tonight-Saturday, 7.30pm, £10