Preview: The Wedding Present, Liquid Room

The Wedding Present. Pic: Comp
The Wedding Present. Pic: Comp
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IN RECENT years there’s been a real trend for performing classic albums live in their entirety.

Few bands, however, have wheeled out works from the back-catalogue quite as much as The Wedding Present have.

In 2007, these heroes of the indie Eighties marked the 20th anniversary of their seminal George Best album with a nationwide tour.

In 2010, incendiary sophomore effort Bizarro got the same treatment and, in 2012, the band gave a performance of their intense Seamonsters album.

All of the Weddoes’ aforementioned tours saw them visit the Liquid Room, and they return to the Victoria Street venue on Tuesday night – this time to perform their 1994 album, Watusi, in full.

Frontman David Gedge was resistant at first to doing these anniversary shows, but he has no regrets now. “A few years back, when someone suggested that we celebrate the anniversary of George Best, I was against the idea,” he says.

“I felt more preoccupied with the future of the band than its history, but I came round to the idea and ended up really enjoying it.”

Often referred to as the Leeds band’s ‘marmite’ album, Watusi split opinion down the middle when it was released.

“It did divide the fans, it’s fair to say,” says Gedge. “It’s not a typical Wedding Present album by any stretch.

“Fans actually tell me now they didn’t like it at first, but now it’s one of their favourites – it’s one of my favourites.

“It’s interesting to go back to something and reanalyse it from 20 years later, or whatever. And even when the albums are released, you don’t play them all when you go out live.”

The Wedding Present, Liquid Room, Victoria Street, Tuesday, 7pm, £15, 0131-225 2564