Readers react after Waverley Mall festive bar plans rejected

Readers have been quick to react to the bar closing.
Readers have been quick to react to the bar closing.
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PEOPLE reacted with dismay online at the city council’s decision to deny permission for a live music venue and bar atop the Waverley Mall.

Many failed to agree with the Development Management Sub Committee’s conclusion that the bar would not be in-keeping with the local area and highlighted a number of other temporary attractions which are granted planning permission in the city centre during the festive period.

They took to Facebook in opposition. Fraser McMurdo said: “Another way to highlight the Edinburgh planners doing their best to suck any form of excitement or embrace of change ... considering the place was £5 a pint it was still well received by many.”

Susan McGhee said: “not in keeping with the local area” – ...the other pop up bars which received adequate planning permission!?

“This place was great during the summer. Not enough cash in someone’s back pocket more likely.”

Gemma Johnstone said: “They can hardly blame it for looking out of place when they allow all those trashy fair ground rides!”

Alan Neave said: “What a great shame. Personally, I thought the Christmas celebration venues last year were a great disappointment. Character and soulless.”

John Carr said: “Surely all the other stuff that gets put up in the festive period comes under the same banner of ‘not keeping with local area’.”

Lorna Aitken said: “‘Noise complaints’. Guess they better tell that to all the owners of the Christmas attractions/rides etc in Princes St Gardens, George St and St Andrews Sq then. Better keep the music quiet.”

Audrey Whitehead said: “Lowering the tone.. Aye they want to put a tacky polar bear which has nothing to do with Christmas as usual.”

Derek Patterson said: “Looked lively enough in the summer. Obviously someone on oor esteemed toon cooncil didn’t like them.”

Katie Ellen Stafford said: “How ridiculous is this!!! Malones is what Edinburgh needs!”

Michael Webster finished: “This is a disgrace that this well run, and well received, venue hasn’t got planning permission considering all the other near identical developments that are going on near by. We should be encouraging entrepreneurship in a forward thinking city such as Edinburgh.

“I’m not one to usually lose my cool over something such as this but I think we should start a petition to get the council thinking about the possibility of reversing this decision!”