Review: A Dastardly Fiction, Greenside, Royal Terrace

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ON paper, the story sounds not too shabby. Perhaps that’s where it should have stayed, though.


Here, a writer whose desire to complete his work of fiction involves doing a deal with a demon, has his characters come alive.

One by one, we’re introduced to the characters reminiscent of Cluedo: the tart, the posh one, the likely lad, the lesbian and the detective.

After the first five minutes the audience can probably guess where this is going, and could have headed home having missed nothing of any real note.

The characters are stereotypical, the script weak, and the plot goes absolutely nowhere. Lines are regularly fluffed, too.

Where one actress talks at great speed, another is barely audible, and it’s slightly disconcerting when some of the cast act directly to you, rather than with each other.

As for the show’s title – perhaps renaming it A Disastrous Fiction would be more appropriate.

Until August 25