Review: Active Virgin, C Venues, Chambers Street

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ACTIVE Virgin is a piece of new writing from the home-grown Kielty brothers. The cast deliver a truly energetic performance as they invite the audience into their analysis of the modern 24/7 gym culture and society’s fascination with the “perfect” body.


Leah Scott gives a particularly strong performance as The Virgin who is so obsessed with achieving perfection that she misses out on all other aspects of life – including a love life.

Through the eyes of a doctor and a concerned gym employee the piece examines the sociological perception of perfection and fitness and the human desire to push that little bit further. Narrated by the AI gym computer known as Mother (played by Keisha T Fraser) and punctuated by infomercials, Susie Dumbreck’s tasteful direction makes what is a serious issue a thought-provoking, yet playful experience which is enhanced by Lynne Bustard’s high-energy, gym-class choreography.

Until August 27