Review: Altamont

Altamont - Peppermint Muse Theatre Company. Pic: Comp
Altamont - Peppermint Muse Theatre Company. Pic: Comp
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THE story of the festival we wish we could forget. The Altamont Free Festival was famous as the west coast response to Woodstock in 1969.

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As a result of the violence that occurred during the festival being policed by the Hell’s Angels, it is regarded by many as being the end of the loved up 1960s.

This compelling and highly engaging one man show takes the audience on a journey though the festival - we begin by approaching the festival, weaving through the abandoned cars, and end in a state of shock over what we have witnessed.

Writer and performer John Stenhouse draws the audience in the minute he walks on stage. He employs eye contact to keep the audience emotionally involved throughout - he is telling the story to each audience member.

The use of cleverly layered costume, and excellent shifts in accent and posture allows him to play a multitude of characters with complete believability. The use of music transports you back to the 1960s with ease, and the Mick Jagger impression is fantastic.

Until 25 August