Review: Australian Voices: Moon, thespace @Symposium Hall, Hill Square

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IT’S a simple enough story. Diana, The Moon, sends out her moonbeams to find somebody to love. She finds Sam, a young man who spends his time on his computer while awaiting his death from the ravages of cancer. Love is found and love is lost – or is it?


Gordon Hamilton has produced something that is breathtaking in its scope, yet simple in its execution. However, fragments of the libretto, projected on to a wall, are an unwelcome interruption. Mundane lines such as “My laptop is smashed” clash with the otherwise mystical ambience.

But little detracts from the 12 soaring and sweeping voices that produce a wonderful a cappella vista, echoing the fragility of love and life.

The impeccably constructed score and the ensemble’s thrilling singing, mingled with humming, sighing and off-key whistling, captures the moods of sensuality, joy and loss.