Review: Avenue Q

Avenue Q: 'Lucy the Slut (Rebecca Simmonds) and Princeton (Scott Meenan). Pic: Eusog
Avenue Q: 'Lucy the Slut (Rebecca Simmonds) and Princeton (Scott Meenan). Pic: Eusog
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THE brilliant thing about Avenue Q is that it’s easily transferable. The actors don’t actually use much of the stage and the set is mostly static.

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This means that small companies, just like EUSOG, can stage the show with relative ease and still compete with professional productions. As a production, it’s also a convenient showcase for ability, which EUSOG has in spades.

Telling the story of a directionless 23-year-old looking for a way to make his English degree count for something in the real world, Avenue Q is Sesame Street for grown ups with a very adult sense of humor.

Running at 90 minutes without an interval, the cast raced their way confidently through the material, delighting the audience.

Scott Meenan’s Princeton provided a strong lead and spectacular supporting turns from, among others, Rebecca Simmonds as Lucy T.Slut, Craig Methven as Trekkie, Camilla Ginty as Christmas Eve and Ethan Baird as Rod created pace and vibrant energy. The only drawback of the material is how stylised it is, it’s very difficult to escape from the cookie cutter form of the stereotypical characters and for the actors to bring an extra, personal dimension to the story. It would have been interesting to see this talented ensemble push themselves to bring more depth to their roles.

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