Review: Bond

Bond (theatre at Zoo Pleasance) - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014
Bond (theatre at Zoo Pleasance) - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014
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JAMES Bond is back. He might be getting on in years, but he’s got one last mission to complete – to stop creator Ian Fleming from going back in time and killing off his famous character.

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Fleming isn’t happy Bond has become more famous than him, but which Bond will he face?

While there’s nothing new about spoofing the world’s greatest fictional secret service agent, Gavin Robertson has, however, produced an original method in which to give audiences the impression they’re watching a new Bond movie.

Performed entirely on his own, and with only three metal frames to accompany him, thanks to Robertson’s exceptional mime skills it’s your imagination that allows you to ‘see’ space shuttles, time machines, and yes, naked women. Indeed all the typical Bond tenets are here: the opening credits sequence, Q’s laboratory of gadgets, the implausible actions scenes, and naturally, Bond’s romps with exotic ladies.

There’s no shortage of Roger Moore-style puns, either, and of course, Sean Connery makes an ‘appearance’ too. Yet while you won’t always laugh out loud - it is entertaining, make no mistake - you don’t have to be a huge Bond fan, either to appreciate it. It’s worth seeing for Robertson’s mime artistry alone.

Until 25 August