Review: Briefs

Briefs'Christmas Show 2014. Picture: contributed
Briefs'Christmas Show 2014. Picture: contributed
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OH. My. God. It is, isn’t it? Yes, it’s Lady Ga Ga everyone. She’s singing on a moving treadmill, a wind-machine blowing back her flossy blonde hair. And she’s – yes – stark naked.

* * * *


But wait. A male member of the audience is licking salt off a performer’s bare chest and now he’s... well, let’s just say this not for the easily offended.

A “dog”, meanwhile, has just broken its chain and is running amok. The frisky canine, dressed in outlandish gear, appears to be owned by a cross between George Michael and Kenny Everett. In drag. In a bikini.

Welcome to Briefs everyone: a lewd, edgy, Australian cabaret show that ought to carry a Governmental Health Warning. It’s risqué stuff (let there be no doubt about that) so to be in the front row while six, strapping men dangle and wangle their bits in your face for 90 minutes can be seriously daunting – or enlightening, depending on your persuasion.

Case in point: two innocent, middle-aged tourists in the front row: having clearly purchased tickets to the wrong show, it was as if Medusa herself had been planted right before their very eyes.

For a production that focuses on the more physical elements of cabaret, though – think circus-style gymnastics – it’s the muscle-toned troop’s comedic segments that seem to entertain the most, even if they are, for the most part, cheap shots.

Everyone is going to laugh at the stiff, dignified gentleman in the audience who ends up with a monkey’s “banana” smeared all over him. And so what if a doggy doo-doo scene takes things one plop too far, you can’t deny Briefs has that priceless, what-the-hell-are-they-going-to-do-next factor.

Backed by a fantastic Aussie-inspired soundtrack, there’s a raffle with unexpected prizes. In brief, you’ll either be tickled pink or black affronted.

Run ends 4 January