Review:C Panga, Hill Street Theatre

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AFTER their success with Sam Siggs’ Hex at the Fringe in 2011, Strange Town Theatre Company return with Siggs’ latest piece, Panga.


Directed by Tim Primrose, this fun play challenges 
disillusionment and celebrates childhood dreams, but becomes slightly repetitive.

Young barista Lucy (Beth Godfrey) is stuck. She has a nice boyfriend called Gordon (Ben Clifford) but a rubbish job. However, when her favourite toy panda, Panga (Mark O’Neill), comes alive, her life changes and takes on a whole new meaning.

Uplifting and completely surreal, Panga is darkly comic at points but confused – scenes of conflict overshadow the play’s theme.

Ideas of disappointment and unhappiness make the play easy to relate to, yet the themes of change and happiness, the crux of the piece, are overlooked until the very end.

Until August 26