Review: Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut, Gilded Balloon, Teviot

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“ONCE more into the breeks dear friends,” declares Jimmy Chisholm, as the cast prepare to launch into their performance of highlight scenes from Casablanca.


Gavin Mitchell’s Bogart rehearses “of all the gin joints in all the world . . .” repeatedly, asking which version he should go with, and so the premise of one excellent show within another is established.

This affectionately irreverent riot repeatedly pokes through the third wall, with a mix of gags, knowing asides, clowning and some interesting snippets of trivia about the film itself. And yet, in amongst the genial mucking around, the cast nail the dramatic scenes very well indeed. Mitchell does a mean Bogey, Clare Waugh is great as Bergman while Chisholm takes on the other key roles. The constant switching between them makes for further silliness. The three leads evidently enjoy themselves immensely, and so too does the audience. Here’s looking at these big kids.

Until August 27