Review: Colin Cloud

Colin Cloud, magician. Pic: Comp
Colin Cloud, magician. Pic: Comp
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IT’S hard to pin-point what Colin Cloud’s title actually means. As a forensic mind reader, is he someone with a keen eye for clues in the human psyche and just wants to catch-out any bad guys in the room? Or is he just really fascinated by Sherlock Holmes and has perhaps watched one too many detective shows?

Adam House, Chambers street

Something can be said for his work, though, is he really knows how to create those ‘how did you do that’ moments.

Cloud has been described as Scotland’s answer to mentalist superstar Derren Brown. It’s easy to see why. His act isn’t all about the hocus-pocus that comes with the territory of psychics or mind readers, he focuses more on picking up those tiny twitches that even we don’t notice we’re doing.

To describe what actually happens during Cloud’s performance would just ruin any surprises in store for his remaining time at Magicfest. All that can be said is that even the sceptics out there will be left slacked-jawed with his talent.

But there’s a lot to Cloud which makes him a unique character. His showmanship to his audience makes him a likeable and engaging person. Even if he does make the occasional slip-up with a trick or two, he doesn’t give a moment of hesitation and can carry on with the show without it effecting his stride.

It’s important to note, however, that everyone in the room is a sitting duck when it comes to Cloud picking his volunteers for his next trick – you have been warned.

At first, it can be daunting to know what skeletons he might find roaming around your closet. His presence can appear intimidating, slipping into the eccentric characteristics of Holmes and closely examining his audience. But his sharp comic wit and his natural stage flair makes his act all light hearted and fun – so there’s no danger in him divulging any dark secrets.

Cloud IS a fantastic performer with a great sense of humour.

Run ends Friday