Review: Dynamo - Seeing Is Believing

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HAVING walked on the river Thames, hovered above London’s Shard and sauntered down the side of the Los Angeles Times building, it’s hardly surprising street magic sensation Dynamo has risen (quite literally) to become the UK’s most popular magicians.

The Playhouse

With a BAFTA nominated television series behind him, Dynamo has arrived in the city for a five night residency at The Playhouse, part of his first ever nationwide tour, which has fans and sceptics alike anticipating how those on screen illusions will shape up on stage.

A contemporary cartoon strip opens and underpins the proceedings, giving the back-story of Bradford born Steven Frayne’s journey from being bullied on a tough council estate to becoming an illusionist extraordinaire.

Dressed in hoodie, jeans and trainers, Dynamo has a relaxed and engaging style that brings a more intimate feel to the evening, and whilst it was eye-catching outdoor stunts that established him on TV, it’s his brilliant close up magic magnified on a big screen that has the audience gob-smacked from the word go.

The speed of his card play is remarkable as whole decks change suit and colour in the blink of an eye, taking card tricks to another level.

Seeing is Believing is big on audience participation, with anything from one excited young fan to six pairs of siblings joining him on stage to become part of a stunning mind reading routine.

At Dynamo’s request, and he did ask nicely, there are to be no spoilers, as the true enjoyment of this performance comes from the unknown.

But be assured, things appear that you couldn’t pull out of a top hat and there are more than enough mind-boggling, gravity-defying ‘how-did-he-do-that’ moments, to keep everyone astonished and very happy.

Run ends tomorrow