Review: Ennio Marchetto

Ennio Marchetto. Pic: Jane Barlow
Ennio Marchetto. Pic: Jane Barlow
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AWARD winning comedian and Living Paper Cartoon, Ennio Marchetto doesn’t visit these shores very often, so if you want a glimpse of the great man and his roll-call of celebrity paper chums, you’ll have to be quick.

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If you’ve never seen Marchetto before, his hour-long show consists of a constant stream of music, segued in the style of Stars On 45, while he appears from behind a curtain wearing paper or cardboard costumes which transform, origami-style, into different costumes. Half the fun is in guessing what the transformed characters will be when they’re only half revealed.

Marchetto mimes to the songs, but it takes a while to notice that, for each character, he impersonates even their style of movement too, and it’s surprising just how much that tiny detail adds to the illusion. The show is unquestionably high energy and, at 54, the Venice-born entertainer seems to have the stamina of a 24-year-old.

At no time does the pace flag and in fact, the show seems to become even more manic as he continues to shed costumes, one after another.

Contemporary figures are lampooned as well as oldie-but-goldies. Inevitably, the Mona Lisa makes an appearance, as she has done at every one of these shows since Marchetto introduced her. It wouldn’t be fair to spoil the surprise of who else is withered by his merciless wit, but suffice to say, he’s paid attention to local politics.

You might argue he only has one string to his bow, but when the string is this brilliant, who needs another?

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